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Austral Flooring specialises in the installation, sand & finish of superior quality timber floors. Known for our skill and creativity, we offer; industry knowledge and experience, a wide range of patterns in a variety of timber floors, stains & finishes and customised solutions.
ANTIQUE FRENCH & EUROPEAN OAK has been, since our beginnings one of our main specialties; these Timber Floors are very desirable and unique in its classic roughened antique character with big beautiful knots, heavily textured in a variety of colours to suit many design styles.

END GRAIN is an ancient tradition of cutting wood across the growth rings. This method has been used for its many benefits such as strength and acoustic qualities and its best outcome; a cross-grain which is highly-aesthetic with impressive character, colour and durability.

Our Other French & European Oak Specialties are:

    These are specially sourced upon request

Solid Timber is the material of choice over many other floor covering. The enduring appeal of solid timber is its wear layer that can be refinished many times over to suit any décor or taste.

Engineered Timber boards are suitable for installation over most hard level surfaces such as concrete, particleboard, tiles or existing timber flooring. Available raw or in an array of pre-finishes, widths and lengths, the possibilities of creating the desired look in any space are limited only to the imagination

Parquetry Timber Floors offer a timeless quality and decorative appeal in both traditional and modern design. Thanks to the emergence of quality modern finishes, a contemporary approach to traditional style continues to make parquet flooring a popular choice.

Sanding is an integral pre-requisite to the finishing process. Experience and the right tools ensure timber is stripped with precision and care to achieve a beautiful even finish.

Finishes can be customised to enhance the beauty of any timber surface, add individual style and complement any colour concept.


We work closely with Architects, Interior
Decorators and Designers to create the exclusively desired effect sourcing the precise Timber Floors for your project.

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