Rich and natural grain patterns that inspire and add value to interiors with colours and finishes that elevate the beauty of your space.

Natural looking finishes combined with sophisticated construction make Engineering Timber boards more than just an alternative to traditional timber.

Manufactured using an ingenious multilayered technology system, a timber surface is adhered to two or more support layers for strength and dimensional stability. This clever construction provides for great durability, solidity and easy installation.

Engineered boards are suitable for installation over most hard level surfaces such as concrete, particleboard, tiles or existing timber flooring. Installation methods include direct stick, secret nail to ply sub-floor or directly onto joists over concrete.

Although traditionally constructed with a standard 15mm thickness and 3-4mm wear layer, recent developments in production have seen engineered boards produced with thicknesses of up to 20mm with a 5-6mm oak surface giving engineered boards an equal advantage to solid timber in that they lend themselves to be sanded and re-finished many times over.

Available raw or in an array of pre-finishes, widths and lengths, the possibilities of creating the desired look in any space are limited only to the imagination.

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